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2 day week: Comfort and complacent

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Contrary to popular belief weeks only have 2 days, work day and family day.

Workday is simple, it is some cycle of:

Wake up, ready up, coffee in, work heads down, idle away, family up, chores do, entertainment in and sleep out.

Family day is brewed in different blends but if you put it in a pot and stir then you would get:
Woken up, coffee in, chores do, family up, entertainment in and sleep out.

I am not complaining.

I am quite comfortable. I wake up without too many restrictions. I dress casually, provide for myself and dependents with room to spare. Family time is short but great. Entertainment is a built in habit now with friends playing games.

Life is good. And that is the problem, I am just drifting along happily in comfort but I don't have any actual purpose or challenge.

Did this problem come internally or externally? This is the 2020's pressure... Be an influencer, work for yourself, follow your passion not some corporate one, make a difference, be your own man, financial freedom, retire fast.

That may have kicked off the idea that there is a problem, but I would be lying if something in me didn't resonate with the thought that I could be more and do more.

What if I didn't spend the majority of my day working for someone else?
What if I could do what I wanted from 9 to 5?
What if I could travel and live freely?
What would I even do?
What is the meaning of life? (what!?)

Time for an existential crisis or at least a mid life crisis.

Thanks books for ruining my jellyfish drift attitude. Looking at you Derek Sivers, Tim Ferris and more.

Nobody can unsee or unthink things so now my outlook is different and I see my life differently.

My comfortable life is now the problem.

I can't enjoy my comfort knowing that I am soft and possibly even weak.
I am near middle aged and something deep inside is telling me that I am near my last chance to really try and become something or find a useful passion.