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Planning sucks, I know

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Ready! Set! …. Hold on. Where are we going again?

This feeling is killer. I want to start hacking and reach for my dreams.

I have motivation and I am ready to sprint, but this feels familiar.

(Opens skeleton closet of half finished projects) 😬

Well, let’s not do that again. I wasted a lot of time on those…

Okay, so how do I not do that again?

Based on my goals I think I have criteria for a project.

  1. Scope must be small, less than 3 months to MVP
  2. There must be a plan for profit, not just an idea about “I can add advertising later”
  3. It must be within my current skill set

Yes, I am going to work for money.

At least in the short term.

I already spend 8+ hours of my day working for money.
Until I can own my time and my frustrations it makes no sense for me to dive into an art project that will be interrupted.

I spent the week researching software entrepreneurs and I have some ideas that need further investigation