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I feel like the Spanish fisherman being asked why I am lazing around on the beach after I caught a day's worth of fish.

I am already comfortable and I am already relaxing when I feel like it, why should I reach higher and leave that comfort?

I think my simple ape brain just does not know any better.

For a crude yet real analogy; porn or casual sex is nice but there is a little thing called love that is a million times better.  Countless songs, books and movies on the subject support this view.

If I really am going to change my habits for a better life then the easiest place to start is with nightly entertainment.  Just like when making a budget, entertainment is always thrown out first because everything else is necessary.

Like most Americans I come home after work for nightly entertainment.  My nightly entertainment that I love is social video games.

PC games supply us with infinite worlds to explore and challenges to overcome.  I sit in a chair for hours most days in a virtual social setting and get some great brain chemicals pumping occasionally.

Maybe this really is the peak of my day or maybe I am missing out on something.

What is that something?

That’s the million dollar question.

Perhaps that something could be adventure, interests, or purpose.

Would that something be as fun as nightly social video games?

Are purpose and fun mutually exclusive?

People I look up to have influenced me towards taking a step out and trying on an adventure.

If the adventure doesn't work out then there won't be any real harm, I just go back to the comfortable life and curse my lost few months.

Changing habits is a daunting task.

Part of me cringes at the idea because I know how hard I have failed before, how tired I sometimes feel in my free time and worst of all, life is good already.

I leave with 2 questions, what could that something better be? And how would I even start to go about pursuing it?