Open Technologist


My success is different than your success.
I ask myself what I really want and what is important enough that I am willing to lose sleep.

Success is also dynamic.
I was successful in the past but I am not successful now.
My previous success' were very valid; graduate with a degree, live in East Asia for a year, speak a foreign language, get married to a loving wife, own a home, have kids, and get in a Silicon Valley tech company as a senior engineer.

Standing still for a moment is fine but growing roots and not moving again is giving up. There is more to be done and we never know how much time we have.

I am going towards my goals while also appreciating all the things I have and the challenges on the way.

Financial Independence from companies and debt

Financial goals:
  • Generate reliable income without a corporate time requirement that exceeds monthly expenses
  • Remove all debt
  • Comfortably take 1 vacation a year and 1 live abroad time a year
The point:

We all have to answer the income question.
But when is enough actually enough?

For me, enough is when I can own my own time while meeting my family's comfort and educational needs (and many wants).

My own time is important, I am not a franz kafka cockroach, I want to play with my kids in the sun, take my wife out to dinner, drive hard into the arts and sciences for my own curiosity, and experience other cultures and languages freely.

Fit enough to feel good and travel with ease

Business day workout:
  • 20+ minutes of sustained high heart rate
  • Stretching full body
  • Core and upper body strengthening

Target: BMI in the lower range of normal, current: ~24.7, Goal: 20

Why go through this pain:
  • I want to be there for my kids in present physical activity and when advanced in age
  • I want to travel and being fit will make the experience far more enjoyable for everyone, but mostly myself
  • I need to provide and protect my family and having a fit body is a useful tool